In an article posted on the Chicago Reader, Dr. Milena Tatic Bajich is featured along with her mother Ljubica Tatic as part of the “Windy Citizens” feature. In the story written by Isa Giallorenzo on November 16, 2021, Milena talks about her mother’s war experiences and her talents as a seamstress and weaver, among other things. Milena, president of the Chicago chapter of the Tesla Science Foundation, also speaks of her admiration for the genius. “He was a learned, cultured man who saw the world differently. And I think today, if we employ our own creative juices, we, too, can become like a Tesla, if we’re allowed the freedom to do so and not be forced into producing the same old stuff that you see everywhere.” Milena is a member of SNF Lodge #25 in Lansing, Illinois, and Old Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Church in Logan Square, Chicago.

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